Emerging Voices: Elise Roy on Leveraging Past Experiences

Adapted from our Emerging Voices Interview Series My past is a huge asset to me right now. Many people think it’s kind of weird that I was a lawyer and now I’m a designer, and that they seem like they’re two completely opposite things, but in reality, the multifaceted career that I have has helped […]

5 Simple Truths for Emerging Designers

by George Garrastegui Jr. Picture this: you’re at an event, a meetup or just talking to friends… you’re having a great conversation, listening to some killer advice and tips about the industry and you feel rude pulling out a sketchbook to jot notes down, so you resort to memory… and then you get home and […]

The Edge Effect: Why Nontraditional Backgrounds Make Stronger Designers

by Tori Sgarro As we crafted the narrative of our “Emerging Voices” series, Phim Her (Content Lead) and I decided to focus on “imposter syndrome” – the belief that we’re a fraud or a failure, despite achievements or qualifications that suggest otherwise. We knew that many designers face imposter syndrome when starting out in the industry, […]

Emerge Awareness Week

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