Emerging Voices: Ouzy Mariko

The design industry has broadened over the last two decades to include more tech-forward professionals. Developers, UXers, content strategists and project managers are adjacent and vital members of the AIGA community. We spoke with Ouzy, a developer at Friendly Design Co. about his experience of being an emerging professional in the creative tech community in […]

AIGA LA: New to the design industry? Read this.

Guest Post by Ana Zukova, AIGA LA “I wish I had known X when I first started Y…” — how many times have you heard some version of this line, or possibly even said it yourself? The thing, of course, is that you can’t know everything there is to know when you first set out on a […]

An Introduction to EMERGE by its Founders, Jenny Price & Katrin Loss

In addition to the EMERGE 2.0 launch video, the EMERGE Content Team spoke with EMERGE founders Jenny Price and Katrin Loss to get a behind the scenes look at how EMERGE 2.0 was developed. Q: What inspired you to take this initiative on? EMERGE came into being as a result of Pop–Up Innovate Mash–Up, one […]

Emerge Awareness Week

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