Emerging Voices: Elise Roy on Leveraging Past Experiences

Adapted from our Emerging Voices Interview Series My past is a huge asset to me right now. Many people think it’s kind of weird that I was a lawyer and now I’m a designer, and that they seem like they’re two completely opposite things, but in reality, the multifaceted career that I have has helped […]

AIGA LA: New to the design industry? Read this.

Guest Post by Ana Zukova, AIGA LA “I wish I had known X when I first started Y…” — how many times have you heard some version of this line, or possibly even said it yourself? The thing, of course, is that you can’t know everything there is to know when you first set out on a […]

Emerging Leaders: Douglas Davis

This week, we are kicking off a new series that will be complimentary to our Emerging Voices series. Titled Emerging Leaders, this interview series will feature educators, mentors and industry leaders who are investing their time and resources into guiding the next generation of designers. Hello Douglas! I am SO excited to get to do […]

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