Emerging Voices: Kerri and Dian on Starting Out

What was your experience like as an emerging designer when you started out? Kerri: I went to American University and I studied graphic design. You do these personal projects in class and you think like, “Oh I’m going to be an amazing designer,” and then you get out into the real world and you’re like, “Wow […]

AIGA LA: New to the design industry? Read this.

Guest Post by Ana Zukova, AIGA LA “I wish I had known X when I first started Y…” — how many times have you heard some version of this line, or possibly even said it yourself? The thing, of course, is that you can’t know everything there is to know when you first set out on a […]

The Edge Effect: Why Nontraditional Backgrounds Make Stronger Designers

by Tori Sgarro As we crafted the narrative of our “Emerging Voices” series, Phim Her (Content Lead) and I decided to focus on “imposter syndrome” – the belief that we’re a fraud or a failure, despite achievements or qualifications that suggest otherwise. We knew that many designers face imposter syndrome when starting out in the industry, […]

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